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How to Transfer Quicken Data from One Computer to Another

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Are you a Quicken user? Some time or other you may need to transfer your data from one computer to another. That is why we are going to guide you how to do it properly.

However, before we explain all the steps for moving Quicken data, we want to be aware of some facts which are discussed below:

 Buying another copy of Quicken is not necessary in case of transferring Quicken data.

 The computer where you want to send Quicken data; must have the same version of Quicken software installed on it.

 While transferring data, you must close Quicken.

The process of transferring a data file from one computer to another is different for both Quicken for Windows and Quicken for Mac.

Here we go: Quicken for Window

 You need to install Quicken on the new computer. The software must be in the new release.
When you install Quicken, it will update automatically but if it is not happening, you can contact
Quicken customer service.

 Open Quicken on your old computer and select the file backup

 Now you can take backup of your Quicken data file to an external drive.

 Try to connect an external drive to the new computer

 Locate the External drive

 Now move you Quicken file from disc to your new computer

 Open Quicken and reach to File Restore Backup File. Now select Quicken backup to restore the data.

Quicken for Window

 Install Quicken on New Computer

 In an old computer, select File Save a Backup

 Take a backup of your data to an external drive

 Connect the external drive to the new computer

 Go to File Restore from Backup after you open Quicken

 Select external drive under Devices and locate the backup

 Now click restore the file. And find a location to save restored the file

 Select a location on the new computer and click restore

We hope you understand all the steps described in order to move Quicken data from old computer to new one. However, in case of any difficulty, you can connect Quicken support phone number anytime 24*7.

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